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4 Years And Counting

Check out our ‘4 year anniversary’ post and hear a little bit more about what we have planned for the next 4 years!


Bringing Home The Right Software For Your Rescue: Part 2 In Our Series

Know what you NEED from a good software? But a bit stuck on how to start your research? In this post we help animal rescuers identify software companies that might be a good fit for their organization and provide some simple steps about how to evaluate these programs in a consistent way!


Making A Difference... At Conferences, And Beyond!

Reflections and insights from our time spent at the Making a Difference Now (KY) conference in September (Brownie, our 3-legged canine mascot, even got to attend!)


"Adopting" (The RIGHT) Software For Your Rescue: A Mini-Guide

OK, so you’ve come to a decision that, most likely, software can help your rescue out in some way. As tech nerds, we love to hear this! But where do you even begin? And how do you go about this seemingly complex process AND keep your rescue running at the same time? Over the next few posts, we’ll explore how to start your software research on solid footing and see it through to the actual implementation of any program you buy. All with an eye towards being as efficient and confident as possible!


2018 Update

Over the past 9 months, that has meant working on 2 of our biggest feature releases to date: automatic email notifications of tasks AND templates to make data entry even faster and easier!


R is for Re...Venue

R is for....Rescue group REVENUE. That's right, everyone's favorite topic! But in all seriousness, without understanding your rescue group's finances, including the most optimal, efficient sources of revenue, your group may not be around for long (like startups that don't watch their budgets). In this first of 3 posts, we dive into the "R" a bit more, and pose questions and offer some answers to get you in a number-crunching frame of mind!


Best Friends Conference: Roundup And Reflections

Was our decision to attend the Best Friends Conference worth it? PAW-YEA!!! Keep reading to learn more about the conference, what we observed, and what's next for Sparkie!


Beyond “Rescue” As A Mission

“Well, DUH! It’s to save animals!” While that might be your answer to the question “What is your rescue group’s mission?”, in this post we challenge you to think about how to communicate your mission and what, if any, other "missions" your rescue group might be able to have


Beyond The Product Roadmap

In many ways, animal rescue groups are no different than seed or early-stage startups. And both can learn a lot from the other! This 10-part series will explore all the ways animal rescue groups can benefit from thinking like (and using the same resources as) tech startups, as well as how those professionally in the startup world can put their skills to use for their furry friends!


Go 3 for 3 With These Updated Facebook Tips & Tricks for Animal Rescue

What do animal rescuers love more than their animals? FACEBOOK! :) In this post we dive into the increasingly important (and sticky) social media site and how rescuers can continue to make the most of it!


Animal Rescue In 2017: 'Paw'tential Opportunities + Changes In The Industry

What will animal rescue look like this year? We decided to take a stab at figuring that out in our first ever 'Paw-dictions' post for 2017!


Important Social Media Changes In 2016 That Could Impact Your Rescue Group!

How about an Option C? Making sure your rescue group kicks off 2017 on the right paw (socially that is)? By keeping all your social pages and profiles up to date based on important changes that happened to IG, FB and Twitter in 2016! Read our final blog post of the year to learn how!


You Tweet, Gram, Snap and Post...How About a Tumbl?

With the recent overtaking of Facebook by election-related news and opinions, rescuers might want to consider other outlets to get their message across. Consider Tumblr...


Birds Aren't The Only Ones Who Tweet. Your Rescue Can Too!

Twitter growth may be down but the social site still has a ton of value to animal rescuers..but only if you use it the right way. Here's how


Ah, Ha, Ha, Ha Keeping Your Rescue Presence “Alive” ... With Live Streaming

You may have noticed a new craze in social media - live streaming. Here’s how “going live” can effectively grow your audience AND get them interested in your rescue efforts.




Why Stop at a Single Profile? Try an Entire Rescue Ad Campaign!

Feed two dogs with one bowl...try an ad campaign to help market all your adoptables!


You Only Get 1 Chance. So Be Sure to Make the Most of Your Adoptable's Profile. Here's a Bunch of Ways How

When was the last time you re-thought the way you market your adoptables? If it's been a while, this guide is worth a read


Should Your Rescue be on Snapchat? Here's Some Things to Consider Before You Take the Next Snap....

Snapchat may be the fastest growing social platform, but is it right for your rescue (especially with the introduction of Instagram stories)? Keep reading to find out


We REALLY MEME It! How Memes Can Add a Layer of Fun to Your Rescue

Memes are an unique, easy and fresh way to spotlight your adoptables - consider creating one the next time you need to get someone a little extra attention


Why Websites Still Matter (Especially for Rescues)

Contrary to popular belief, websites (especially for animal rescue orgs) are alive and well. Here's why you need to make sure your site is working for all your stakeholders, especially the animals that need homes!


Writing a New Tune About Rescue...Meet Pit Bulls and Jams!

Rescue goes with everything: tech, fashion, and now MUSIC! Meet the husband and wife team behind Pit Bulls & Jams - this month's rescue spotlight.


#What #Are #These #Things #Anyways? A Rescuer-Friendly Guide to the Quirky, But Useful, #Hashtag

Simple but powerful, hashtags have a unique role to play on the social media pages of animal rescue groups. Keep reading to find out why they work and how to make the most of them for your rescue


Who Says Rescue Can't be Stylish? These Brands Break the Rescue Fashion Mold!

What's better than a rescue pet? A STYLISH rescue pet! Here's some amazing pet fashion brands that produce modern, fun designs for the animal lover, while also giving back to rescues in need


Instagram's Going to the Dogs (and Cats) - Make Sure Your Rescue Stays in the Game!

Instagram for rescues - why this social media platform needs to be handled with 'kitten' gloves if you're going to use it to promote your rescue


Why True Animal Advocacy Starts with Advocating for Rescuers

See what true rescue and rescuer advocacy looks like as we introduce you to David Cowardin, author of Down South Justice: Animal Rescue in the Deep South


Team Member Tuesday! A Sparkie Welcome to Bianca, Our Social Media Intern

Meet the newest members of our pack: Bianca, our social media intern (and her rescue Yorkie, Vinny)


Looking for a Quick and Easy Way to Fundraise for Your Rescue? Why Not Try One of These Apps?

Learn more about 3 trending apps that can drive donations to your rescue...FOR FREE!


Is Your Rescue's Facebook Page Working? Read This to Find Out...

Rescuers, do you know how to measure success for your rescue Facebook Page? If not, this article teaches you how


No More Adoption Contracts?!?

A quick way to make the adoption contract process easier and faster for both rescues AND adopters


How The Right "Call To Action" Can Take Your Rescue Facebook Page To The Next Level

Learn how a simple button on your Facebook page (the CTA or "Call to Action" button) can drive - or stall - your Facebook page


"Unleashing" the Next Generation of Female Leaders and Animal Rescuers

How one woman's passion for helping young girls grow up powerfully is saving hundreds of animals in the process...


"Settings Success" The Ins and Outs of Facebook Page Settings

In the second of 4 articles on Facebook Pages, we break down all the 'Settings' that really matter to your rescue page and WHY


From Baker to Rescuer...Meet This Month's Rescue Spotlight!

Read how animal rescuer (and former baker) Kate Mudge is "mixing" things up in her new role as Executive Director of PetHaven, MN


How to Create (or Rethink) Your Rescue's Facebook Page (Article #1)

The first in a series of 4 articles on how to use Facebook pages, learn how to create the best Facebook page possible for your rescue


Sparkie's Story

Curious why and how we started Sparkie? Keep reading to get the full story...


Doodling Your Way to Adoption

Learn how one amazing artist - and animal lover - is putting his talents to work to get rescues adopted!


Don't Have a LinkedIn Page? Why You AND Your Rescue Need One NOW!

In this post we explain why having a LinkedIn page for yourself AND your rescue can help get you more followers, adopters, and donors - and how to set one up FAST


And We're Off! Are You Ready...

Are you ready to Spark(ie) a new conversation with us about software and support for animal rescues? If so, check out our launch video and post!