No More Adoption Contracts?!?

Thursday, Jun 9, 2016


Well, not necessarily, but it might feel like you don't have to worry about them anymore.

How? Well, know how when you download an app upgrade or sign up for a new social media site you have to agree to a long list of terms first? This is similar.

Basically all you need to do is build into your adoption application the adoption contract itself, so that when someone submits their application they are also agreeing to the terms of the contract.

Doing this can help save you time during the busy part of the adoption itself and reduce the amount of paper work you need to collect (because now the contract is part of the application)

It can also help people make sure they are really serious about adopting by having them commit to a contract at the start of the process.

Here's an example:


If you're hosting your application online via your website, you'll likely just need to create a separate space for an e-signature.

If you prefer applicants sign a separate contract altogether at the same time they fill out an application, then you can consider hosting the contract on an e-signature site, like docusign or hellosign, both of which provide permanent storage of the signed contracts. (We like the simplicity of hellosign and use it ourselves at Sparkie).

We know that foster and adoption contracts are extremely important to rescues, so whatever approach you take, make sure it's easy for you to go back and quickly track down a signed contract if you ever need to enforce it in the future.

Like this idea but not sure how to get it set up on your website or application form? Bark at us at and we'll help ya out!