Easy to understand. Fun to use.

The most intuitive, simplest, yet robust solution on the market.

Review the state of your rescue at a glance.


How long does it take you to know how many animals got adopted last month? Or how many fosters you have available? Probably more than 10 seconds. With Sparkie, it takes you less than a second.

Know where your animals are. Always.


There's only so much information we can all keep in our heads. Track the location of your animals with simple status updates that link to the physical facilities they're at, or the people they're with. And then go get 'em when you need 'em.

Single source of Truth.


Manage your data in Sparkie and it will automatically sync to all your sites. No more spreadsheets, no more paper files, no more sticky notes. Just update once and you're done.

Remember your peoples.


Adopters, fosters, volunteers, donors... Rescue isn't just animal-intensive its PEOPLE-intensive. Store useful info on the people that help you and your animals out.

Find the best matches.


Having all the data you need at your fingertips will alllow you to find the best matches between your animals and applicants.