Don't Have a LinkedIn Page? Why You AND Your Rescue Need One NOW!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Lots of people still think that LinkedIn is just for ‘corporate types’ or ‘businesses’...but really it's for any group or organization, including animal rescues, that want to connect with others.

For rescues, LinkedIn can be a great way to find supporters, potential adopters, and even donors.


  • LinkedIn users tend to be older and more mature - that means they are likely in a life stage where they might be more willing - and able - to adopt an animal.
  • LinkedIn users are slightly more likely to be male than female - we can’t deny that the rescue world is pretty heavy on the estrogen at times, so LinkedIn is a great way to reach a more diverse demographic.
  • LinkedIn users are more likely to be college educated, which likely means connections to more people at companies or universities, a lot of which now have special classes or programs dedicated to animal welfare.
  • If you and your rescue don’t have a LinkedIn page yet, we think you're missing out, so check out this link for how to get one up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Now you’re all set!

Like any social site though, you'll get the most out of it if you keep it updated. Here's a few tips and tricks to make the most out your brand spanking new LinkedIn page:

  1. Let LinkedIn have access to your contacts: If you do this, it will be able to pull in email addresses from people in your contact list and find them on LinkedIn; this way you can keep in touch with people not just via email but also on LinkedIn itself.
  2. Download the app: The LinkedIn app works pretty well, so we recommend downloading it and spending just a few minutes every day quickly seeing if there are new connections to be made or articles to read. It will also update you on who's viewed your profile or who is following the page of your rescue group...once you see this you can then reach out to that person and try to develop a connection.
  3. Share updates: If you're already sharing a video on Facebook or Instagram, it's easy enough to share it on LinkedIn too. Just go to your rescue profile page and in the 'share updates' part at the top, click the little paper clip in the corner to upload a video. This way you can spread the word to even more people.
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