Looking for a Quick and Easy Way to Fundraise for Your Rescue? Why Not Try One of These Apps?

Thursday, Jun 16, 2016


One thing we frequently hear from rescuers is "how can you help us raise more money for our rescue?"

While our software helps rescues do this by making data management easier and streamlining the grant application process, there are lots of applications and websites out there that directly link purchases or actions by rescue supporters to compensation for each rescue.

Here's 3 we think are worth signing up for, and encouraging your rescue supporters to do the same.


What is it? ResQwalk is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that has cleverly combined fitness and charity. All you have to do is walk.

How does it work? The app tracks the steps you take through GPS and turns them into much needed donations and resources for animal welfare organizations throughout the U.S and Canada. These generous donations have been provided by corporate sponsors who believe in the mission of ResQwalk and how it can impact animals in need.

Each month, a donation pool is announced. Users can bike, run, or walk in order for a portion of the donations to reach the shelter/rescue group of their choice.

What’s it in for me as a rescue supporter? The benefit of this app is that you can make a difference in the lives of animals while also improving your own health. It’s free and can be done anywhere. You can also connect to the vast community of passionate rescue supporters around your vicinity (or elsewhere), and proudly share photos and statuses of the miles you’ve completed.

How will this help my rescue? ResQwalk is also free for rescues who want to participate. Each time someone walks for your organization, a portion of money and/or resources will go directly to your group based on the miles completed by each person. It’s that simple!

To become a ResQpartner today, sign up here!

Download the app on your mobile phone, allow it to access your location, and then start walking!
Once you allow access to your location, it pulls up rescues in your vicinity as well


What is it? Walk For A Dog, a similar app to ResQwalk, is aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles and positive interactions between dogs and their owners, while giving back to shelters and rescue groups throughout the U.S. It’s free and available for both iOS and Android.

How does it work? Like ResQwalk, the app tracks the miles you’ve walked and distributes a portion of donations to local animal shelters of your choosing. However, the more people that are actively using the app, the bigger the donations become, creating an effective incentive to get others involved! Additionally, the app lets you see how long you have been walking and how far you have walked in a straightforward user-friendly layout. So far, the app has created lots of buzz; it’s been available for a year and has already tracked over 5,500,000 walks for 6,000 shelters!

What’s it in for me as a rescue supporter? Walk For A Dog gives people a significant motivation to stay active and get outdoors with their pets while supporting local animal groups. It’s convenient and easy to integrate into a busy lifestyle, without any cost.

How will this help my rescue? Walk For A Dog is free for all rescue groups. Every walk counts, no matter what the distance. However, as more people actively use the app, the amount of possible donations for your rescue increases.

Additionally, the company offers free marketing tools for your benefit that can direct people to the app in order to start walking for your rescue!

To start earning donations for your rescue, register here!

Once downloaded just register and search for the rescue you'd like your steps to earn money for.
You can also add if you are walking with anyone, like your dog.


What is it? Dogly is also a free mobile app for iOS and Android, but instead of walking it lets you help shelters and rescues simply by posting cute photos of your dog! (which, let's be honest, we're all taking a million of every day anyways!)

How does it work? Use your artistic skills to craft unique photos of your pup using dog-themed editing features. Once the photo is posted, each “like” you receive gets counted toward the shelter/rescue of your choosing. The more creative your photo, the bigger the chance of positively impacting rescue animals.

What’s it in for me as a rescue supporter? Dogly combines editing/posting photos and helping rescues as a fun and interactive way to show off your pets, all for a great cause. It’s a cool and instantaneous way to raise money for your favorite shelter, no matter where you are or what your doing!

How will this help my rescue? While users have a blast posting pics and interacting through the app, your rescue can be gaining donations. In addition, if you encourage your recent fosters or adopters to use the app after they get their new fur-baby, you can check in on the status of the dog by looking at photos, and even re-post them to your rescues social sites (like FB or Instagram) to let all your rescue fans see the updates.

To add your rescue to the Dogly app, download the app from your phone (or learn more here!)

Use the Dogly editing software to create clever or funny photos of your dog
People can like your photos and comment on them as well

While we know rescues don't have much time to add more to their dog-bowls (uh, we mean plates) taking 5 minutes to sign up for these apps and then tell your supporters about them through Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram can mean an extra couple hundred dollars - or more! - for your rescue each month, so that seems worth it to us.

And if you don’t have time to get these apps set up, or have questions about how they work, just throw us a bone (we mean email) and we'll happily help you out!