Team Member Tuesday! A Sparkie Welcome to Bianca, Our Social Media Intern

Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016


When we first got started with Sparkie, people kept encouraging us to find interns. After all, like a lot of rescues (or start-ups getting off the ground), most of us here either work full or part-time day jobs, meaning there's only so many hours in the day to get work done. Efficient allocation of time and resources is paramount.

At first, we were a bit skeptical - would we really be able to find someone who would be willing to work with us, most likely remotely, in an unpaid capacity? Yes, we know our mission is unique and powerful, and there's lots to learn given all of our varied professional backgrounds, but still... unpaid? But we figured, why not give it a shot? So we posted something on this site and waited to see what would happen....

Lucky for us, within a week we found a great intern in Bianca De Bono, who recently graduated from college and is looking for a job in digital marketing. Bianca is helping us with everything related to social and growth: from researching content topics and writing posts, to qualifying leads and doing market research.

We are so inspired by her enthusiasm, willingness to work hard, and positive attitude - she truly embodies the Sparkie spirit! Here she is to tell you a bit more about herself...

Bianca with her rescue Yorkie, Vinny

"Hello! My name is Bianca De Bono. I currently reside in San Diego, but I am originally from the Sacramento area. I’m a 2016 graduate from California State University San Marcos, majoring in Communication. While I was in school, I was involved with internships in the San Diego area relating to travel/tourism and fashion.

My love for animals stemmed from a very early age. My mother has rescued many cats, and from being around them all of my life, I naturally have an affinity toward all animals. I love animals because they are beautiful souls, each with different personalities who make such a profound impact in the lives of their owners. They show us unconditional love on a daily basis, and are always there for us.

I grew up with a Yorkie named Vinny. He’s 11 years old now, but still looks like a puppy! My family adopted him from a local organization when he was 7 months old. He's such a unique dog because he's very docile, well behaved, and loves to travel with us! He's very quiet natured and will only bark when someone is at the door. He gets along very well with our other two cats, Bella and Corkie.

I’m very excited about this internship because as an animal lover, I get to write about something I am passionate about. In addition, I will be gaining more experience with content development in a rescue-related setting, and of course, benefiting animals in need! After Sparkie, I will be seeking a full-time position doing social media marketing and content creation."

If you're in need of an awesome social media analyst, content creator, and team member, then reach out to Bianca at! She gets a big paws-up from all of us here at Sparkie!